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Precision You Expected.   Simplicity You Didn't.

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Precision You Expected.

With next-generation software utilizing  new and innovative technology, the VeriPulse IOS greatly increases scan speed and accuracy while adding even more features to support lab, restorative, and implant workflows

Simplicity You Didn't.

The VeriPulse IOS is a solution that is ready to use right out of the box that offers premium user experience, that requires little training, implements easily in the daily workflow and low learning curve which makes it the perfect choice for daily use by dental professionals worldwide.

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Intuitive Software.

Whip Mix Clinic Software is a highly intuitive scan & order management software package that is included with the Pulse IOS. In addition to order management and scanning, the system allows you to share information with the lab via a cloud file-sharing solution. The software is highly intuitive, with a fast learning curve that provides fast and easy collaboration with the lab.

Seamless Communication.

WhipMix Cloud is an innovative platform that connects VeriPulse IOS users with dental labs and allows collaboration, case tracking, and seamless communication.


Truly Ergonomic

Compact design, one of the lightest in the market. Weights only 150 grams! 360 degree rotating tip for optimal scanning angle.

Speed You Require

Scan a full arch in under 2 minutes and built-in lab communication and file transfer. Yes, really.


High Definition scanning and color capture. No powder spray required. Gross.

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No Fees. Ever

No licensing fees. No subscription fees. No update fees. It's just not our style.

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